Speakers (in order of appearance):

  1. Steve Berry
  2. Sarah Thorpe - Evil Planning for the Delaware Waterfront
  3. Nic Darling - Suckless
  4. Danny Gerber - Urban Nutrition Common Sense
  5. Del Connor - Dr Physick Soda Pop
  6. Gerri Trooskin - The Philadelphia Science Festival
  7. Ken Fink - Intermission- Intermission Science by Wondergy
  8. Lee Price - Preserving a Family Collection
  9. Brian McTear - Weathervane Incubator
  10. Pete Fecteau - The Dumbest Guy In the Room
  11. Kristen Taylor and Patrick Dunn - East Kensington Art + Food Garden Project
  12. Chris Satullo - NewsWorks. For you, With you, By you.
  13. Nick Frontino - Toward a World Class Greater Philadelphia
  14. John Kromer - The Last Sheriff

See more photos for Ignite Philly 7 by Kevin Monko.

Past News for Ignite Philly 7:

Global Ignite Week loves charity

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February 7-11th is Global Ignite Week. About one hundred cities all over the world are holding Ignite Events this week. This year Global Ignite Week has paired up with  Donor's Choose to help out schools in need. Bing and Redu donated $5,000 for Ignite to distribute. Ten cities were picked…

Ignite 7's big check goes to...

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For Ignite we choose a previous Ignite speaker to donate our ticket proceeds. This time we have chosen the South Philly Food Co-op!  If you missed their presentation, you can catch ithere. We try to choose an organization that the money will have a meaningful and immediate…

Sneak peek at Ignite 7 speakers

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Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Ignite Speakers! To keep some mystery, I’m not giving them to you in the speaking order! Mwahahahaha. Sarah Thorp from the Delaware River Waterfront Corp Steve Berry User Experience Director at Efficiency 2.0 Nic Darling CMO of Postgreen Nick Fontino hailing from the Economy League…

Ignite Philly 7 is on the way!

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Another round up of awesome Philadelphia speakers are coming your way! February 10th 7pm at the usual spot (Johnny Brendas) We are busy recruiting speakers and getting those ticket sales in order, stay tuned! This Ignite will be part of Global Ignite Week.

Come and get 'em! Ignite Philly 7 tickets and sponsorships on sale

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Tickets are now on sale for Ignite 7! As usual the proceeds from the $5 ticket sales will be donated to an amazing past Ignite speaker. You are all supporting the amazing on-going work in Philadelphia by your ticket sale. Here’s something a little different….. We are now offering the chance…
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